Clinics We Offer

In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a comprehensive range of clinics and healthcare services:

  • Cervical Smear Tests- normally performed by the practice nurses.
  • Coronary Heart Disease- this clinic is run by the nurse practitioner following referral from a GP and is by invitation only.
  • Diabetes - our lead diabetes nurse, in conjunction with the lead diabetes GP, run twice weekly clinics for the benefit and management of our diabetic patients.
  • Family Planning– we can advise on a full range of contraceptive methods – pill, progesterone only pill, diaphragm, IUCD, implants, injectables, natural family planning and condoms. Repeat pill prescriptions, emergency contraception, post-coital pill, IUCD, pregnancy testing are also available along with advice on safe sex.
  • Child Health- these clinics are run weekly to assess a child’s development and monitor progress at key stages.
  • Minor Surgery- we have the provision to carry out minor surgical procedures. Arrangements are made through a doctor.
  • Mammogram- in conjunction with the Mermaid Service, regular mammogram screening of those patients within the specified age groups. Any female over the age of normal recall who would like to have a routine mammogram, should contact the Mermaid Centre on 01872 252880.
  • Vasectomies- any male considering a vasectomy should contact the practice secretary who will forward the patient details direct to the vasectomy clinic.
  • Dressings Clinic- on discharge from hospital, stitches may need removing and dressings may need changing. These procedures are done at the dressings clinic at Camborne Redruth Community Hospital. Please telephone to book an appointment 01209 881750.
  • Stop Smoking Clinics- these are held in conjunction with the stop smoking service at various locations in Camborne and Redruth. For your nearest clinical location please contact the service on Camborne 215666.
  • Immunisations for Adults- we urge all adults to maintain their immunity to Tetanus and Polio by attending regular update immunisations. Please enquire at reception for details. It is also strongly recommended that all women planning to become pregnant should have their immunity to German Measles (Rubella) checked and, if necessary, the immunisation can then be given.
  • Flu Vaccinations- flu vaccinations are available each Autumn by appointment. Please note we do not always write offering an invitation to attend the practice, therefore you should contact the surgery in September to book an appointment if you require a vaccination.
  • Child Immunisation Clinic- it is most important that your child is properly immunised. The clinic is held weekly and is run by the practice nurse. Children will be invited by letter. If you have any queries, please contact reception.